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The Diecasting Society represents organisations which cover all aspects of the diecasting industry. Our members process, trade and work with diecast metal products or supply materials and services to the diecast industry. We develop skills and promote member interests, as well as organising social events in the industry. From training and networking to reaching out to the wider casting industry, we take pride in helping our members invest, learn and develop their people and boost their competitiveness.

Our membership is open to both individual and companies alike. All we ask is that you or your company has an interest in the manufacture of diecast metal products. That interest might be as a foundry or a supplier to the industry.  Membership is not restricted to the UK, we do have some overseas members, but we are primarily set up to support a UK-based membership.

As a member you receive throughout the year the Diecasting Society Newsletter which is incorporated within the leading industry magazine, Foundry Trade Journal and Diecasting World. The Society is a Registered Charity committed to furthering knowledge in the science of diecasting.

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