Ready to Get Started?

We are proud to be a membership-driven organisation, operating as a charity consisting of a team of dedicated volunteers, working on behalf of companies who span every aspect of the diecasting industry. We focus relentlessly on both enhancing existing membership services and devising new ones to give our members the support, advice and information they need to prosper.

If you are an individual or company with an interest in the diecasting industry then we believe membership of our society would be beneficial to you.

Whatever your company size or speciality within the industry, we offer the benefits summarised below:

    • We pride ourselves on the unique medium that we provide our members which promotes a healthy business environment. Coupled to this is a healthy yet balanced social scene, where industrialists share a unique experience of being amongst friends where others might not see beyond the competition.
    • We share with our members the technical papers from the Diecasting Society technical meetings. These include case studies on the design and manufacturing of die casting machines, the influence of heat treatment and the history of die casting. There are also papers on recent advances in modern die casting, such as simulation software and innovations in tool design.
    • Each member receives the Diecasting Society newsletter, bound with the leading industry magazine, Foundry Trade Journal. This saves over £200 a year in subscription costs alone
    • The Society forms part of the larger metal casting industry and we have long established close links with the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers, the Cast Metals Federation and the Aluminium Federation, the Aluminium Times, this provides networking opportunities for our members through technical and social events.
    • Through our commitment to training and partnerships with higher education providers we are able to offer guidance and where to find the following types of training:
      • Technical training for all roles and levels
      • Leadership and management training for emerging talent as well as senior leaders
      • Bespoke training based on specific requirements
      • Apprenticeships
      • College Courses
    • Technical support with solving problems, exploring opportunities and capitalising on innovation
    • Regular opportunities to meet and network through:
      • Technical meetings
      • Bi-annual national technical meeting
      • Social events
      • Meetings with the larger metal casting industry

Membership is open to both individual and companies alike. All we ask is that you or your company has an interest in the manufacture of diecast metal products. That interest might be as a foundry or a supplier to a foundry. Membership is not restricted to the UK. We do have some overseas members, but we feel we are best placed to support a UK-based membership.